The best mascara to lengthen, curl and volumise your lashes

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When it comes to mascara, these are the best in the biz

best mascara 2019

Without a doubt the one item we’d hail as ‘can’t-live-without’ in a beauty version of Desert Island Discs, the best mascara is a wonderful, wonderful thing. There’s just something about giving your lashes a bit of oomph that no other cosmetic rivals (not even your best liquid eyeliner).

Whether you’ve got stubborn straight lashes, frustratingly short ones, or you just want to add a bit of volume, we’ve tried and tested a job lot of mascara formulas and narrowed it down to the choice buys every woman should have at her disposal.

Walk this way for a tour through the best on the market, old and new, for just about every lash type.

Best waterproof mascara

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara, £20, Lookfantastic

best mascara waterproof Clinique

Clinique’s waterproof mascara accompanies many to weddings, funerals and other important occasions during which crying might occur – because it just will not budge until you take to it with a good eye make-up remover. It has staying power we can only liken to that of a determined customer who camps outside department stores ahead of the Boxing Day sales. Adding just the right amount of length and volume, sensitive-eyed girls will also love it for smudge-free days. One of the best waterproof mascaras you’ll ever try.

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Best drugstore mascara

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara, £8.99, Lookfantastic

best mascara drugstore Maybelline

A mascara that costs less than a tenner and just so happens to be one of Meghan Markle’s favourite beauty products? Sign us up. ‘[It] really helps to amplify your lashes and polish off the entire look,’ her former make-up artist told HELLO! ‘It’s great for full volume and lengthening, the formula is super hydrating. I love how it builds and that price point is accessible for all budgets.’ If it’s good enough for a duchess…

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Best mascara for length

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara, £25, Lookfantastic

best mascara Bobbi Brown

This is it. This is the mascara. It lengthens spectacularly, but also volumes without clumping all of your lashes together, which is VERY important. Plus the ultra dark pigment gives you seriously black lashes that stand out. It’s the finishing touch to any good smokey eye, but a great everyday mascara when you apply a single coat. It’s honestly just brilliant.

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Best mascara for volume

Fenty Full Frontal Mascara, £21, Harvey Nichols

best mascara volume Fenty Beauty

Go big or go home is the expression that comes to mind when using Rihanna’s first mascara, Full Frontal Volume. Ticking all the boxes that a good mascara should, it’s the all-in-one formula for standout, thick and dark lashes. Great for nights out, paired with the contents of your best eyeshadow palettes.

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Best mascara for sensitive eyes

La Roche-Posay Toleraine Mascara, £16.50, Lookfantastic

best mascara for sensitive eyes La Roche Posay

Creative with sensitive eyes in mind, the Toleraine mascara is great for both length and volume with a finish that’s easy on the eyes (and the lashes). Great for contact lense-wearers or those who struggle with oft-watering or easily irritated eyes.

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Check out a few more of our fave lash-enhancers, from budget to bank-breaking – but worth it – below. Your eyes will never have looked better.

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