10 Things I Love Sunday

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Hi friends! I hope your “weekend” has been good. What do you do on the weekend to make it feel like a real weekend these days? We’ve been doing pizza most Friday nights, but honestly, all days pretty much blend together. Anyway, I’d love to hear anything that is sparking joy in your life right now.

1. My favorite diaper bags are currently having a HUGE sale. I love the mini—I have it in brown and lilac. Thinking about adding gray. In my opinion, the mini is plenty big, by the way— people always ask me. I use it for my purse AND diaper/kid basics.

2. If you haven’t got your own face mask yet, we’re loving ours (I mean as much as you can love a mask—it is what it is). I love that they are doing buy one/give one.

3. We’re about to start our yearly blow up pool tradition, so I ordered a bunch of mom-suits (meaning swimsuits that my kids can’t rip off my body—moms know!) and this was my “keeper.”

I also got this dress, which I think I am going to wear for Mother’s Day next week. Our normal Mother’s Day “tradition” is going for hibachi (my favorite, lol), so this year I am thinking … fancy cheese picnic. Or some kind of porch meal, I guess! Let me know if you have any fun ideas!

4. We’re currently watching Westworld, what are you watching?

5. These are our favorite toddler shoes.

6. Planning to try this recipe soon.

7. I’ve started to add plants to our home, and plants on the wall are one of my favorites. Also hanging plants!

8. I’ve been picking out summer clothes for the girls and this print is my favorite.

9. We’re getting pretty settled into our new home now. I can’t believe it’s been two months this week. I’m excited to begin sharing room tours and projects with you this month … and all summer … and for the rest of the year I’m sure. It’s going to be fun!

10. I’ve definitely had some tough days lately, as we all have. It’s kind of cool to hear what completely random things help people cope. For me, it’s planning our decorations for Halloween and Christmas. I guess since we can’t plan any trips or much else right now, that is something I feel I *can* plan. But anyway, Jeremy saw me looking at Christmas trees and got a good laugh. Whatever helps!

If you’re in need of a happy hour this week, I highly recommend a scroll through our cocktail recipe archive. XX! Elsie

Original source: https://abeautifulmess.com/2020/05/10-things-i-love-sunday-161.html

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