Mexican Street Food 🇲🇽!! ULTIMATE TACOS TOUR 🌮 in Tijuana, Mexico! (Part 1)

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🙏Thanks to Jeffrey Merrihue:
🎥Watch – Mexico City Tacos Tour:
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Get ready for the ultimate Mexican street food tour of Tijuana, Mexico. I’ve never eaten so many tacos, and been so happy in a 14 hour period in my life. This is just Part 1, but Part 2 was the same day. Stay tuned! #MexicanFood #streetfood #tacos

Thanks to my friend Jeffrey Merrihue ( for arranging this tour. When you’re in Santa Monica, go eat at his restaurant, Heroic Italian ( where you’ll find the best sandwich.

San Diego, USA – The first part of this Mexican street food tour started in California, where we drove to the border and parked the car. This is the first time I think I’ve ever crossed a border on foot and gone straight to a street a food tour. All went smoothly.

Tijuana, Mexico – Welcome to Tijuana where a van was ready to pick us up and take us on this ultimate Tijuana street food tour. So happy to be back in Mexico. One of the best things about Tijauana is that it’s a city that attracts people from all over Mexico, and so you’ll find all regional variations of Mexican food.

Tacos Mike – Tijuana, Mexico – We started at a small stall outside a tire shop where they served all sorts of mixed tacos. I had the Taco de chile relleno, a chile stuffed with cheese and fried and covered in salsas.

Mariscos Ruben – We continued next to Marisocs Ruben, known for their unique small rolled tacos with cheese and marlin. They were unbelievably tasty

Aqui Es Texcoco – Tijuana, Mexico – Next we went to Paco’s restaurant, where they serve barbacoa, Texcoco style. It was amazing, and we also had the whole head, including some real deal eye tacos.

Xolo Tacos – Tijuana, Mexico – Next on this Mexican street food tacos tour, we went to Xolo Tacos to eat their insane bone marrow taco. It’s a birria taco, or a Tijuana red taco, but exploding with bone marrow.

Tacos El Gallito – Adobada Tacos – Next stop, we met up with Adrian Mejia – – to eat Tijuana adobada tacos from the trompo – the vertical shawarma style spit. Unbelievable.

Many more tacos and delicious food coming in Part 2.

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Jeffrey Merrihue:
Paco Perez:
Scott Koenig:
Joel Bruner:



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