Nurses Who Accused Stay at Home Protesters of ‘Killing Granny’ Applaud Thousands of Left-Wing Demonstrators in New York

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Some of the same hospital workers who would have accused stay-at-home protesters of “killing granny” just weeks ago are now on video applauding thousands of left-wing demonstrators in New York.

“Hospital staff come out to applaud #GeorgeFloyd protestors in New York – demonstrators shout back ‘Thank You’,” tweeted journalist Sarah Walton.

The footage stands in stark contrast to photo ops endlessly hyped by the media which showed nurses and other health workers in masks blocking traffic at anti-lockdown protests throughout the country, such as the example below from Colorado.

The contrast between the two reactions underscores how coronavirus was completely politicized and that its dangers were greatly exaggerated. If the virus was so deadly and easily transmissible as we were told, why are health workers celebrating mass gatherings of people that increase the risk of the disease spreading?

A virus doesn’t behave differently based on the political beliefs of the person it infects. So why is someone only responsible for “killing granny” is they’re a Trump supporter as oppose to an Antifa radical?

The protests have also spread like a virus over to the UK, where despite the fact that UK police only killed 2 unarmed men in the whole of 2019 (one of whom was a terrorist), mass demonstrations have also hit London.

But while the media has since March denounced anyone who flouts or even questions the lockdown law, they had nothing but gushing praise for the thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters who have gathered in close proximity three times over the last week.

Police are still raiding and shutting down outdoor parties involving hundreds of people, but marches involving many thousands are allowed to go ahead unimpeded.

What’s the difference? Does the virus suddenly become ‘woke’ and refuse to spread at Black Lives Matter rallies.

“It’s kind of amazing,” writes Ben Sixsmith. “For weeks we have been arguing about the minute details of viral transmission. Can you be outside? How often can you be outside? Can you be with other people? How many? And how much distance should you keep from each other? Then masses of people gather in cities across the world for a protest and the authorities do nothing. It just goes ahead.”

“The irony of protestors chanting ‘I can’t breathe’ as they raise the risk of catching and spreading a respiratory disease blows the mind. Granted, outdoor transmission is considerably rarer than indoor transmission – and, besides, most of these protesters are young and would be okay if infected with Covid-19. But after weeks of people having to miss surgeries, funerals, weddings and last moments with their loved ones, you would think people would have to have a good reason to organise an outright mass gathering.”


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