This American TikTok user has shocked Brits with her (terrible) tea-making skills

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Credit: Julie Anne Images / Getty

In the UK, 50 billion cups of tea are enjoyed every single year according to a recent study. Whether it’s enjoying an afternoon tea in a fancy hotel or sipping on immune boosting variations of the popular beverage, we pride ourselves on making the perfect cuppa.

So when one American TikTok user decided to show the world how she makes a mug of what she calls ‘hot tea’ or ‘British tea’, it – quite rightly – outraged the nation.

The video of the social media user, Michelle, has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

How badly can you make a cup of the good stuff we hear you asking? Well, the answer is extremely.

With the help of her daughter, the pair start by filling up a mug with cold water and putting it in the microwave for one minute.

Yes, the microwave. There’s no kettle in sight, and it’s the first of many errors.

Then goes in a huge helping of milk before dunking in a tea bag. Feeling outraged yet? Join the club.

They then add approximately 20 tablespoons of sugar to the milky concoction, and voila. There you have it. The worst cup of tea in history.

‘And that’s how you make hot tea,’ she adds.

Were the Brits happy with this? Of course not.

One Twitter user called it an ‘abomination’ while another said: ‘You are hereby subpoenaed to appear before this thread to answer for your crimes against tea.’

Others attempted to share tips on how it should be done, while someone else said: ‘Well you’ve offended everyone in the UK. Which is pretty hard to do in a single video so well done.’

Lost for words? Same.

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