10 Things I Love Sunday

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Happy Sunday, friends! I feel like I should have news or updates for you, but honestly not that much has been going on in my world other than work. But here are two small things. First, a week ago today, Trey and I celebrated our seventh anniversary. That feels a little crazy to me—time feels like it’s both flying by and holding very still all at once. And my second mini update for you all is I have now handed out over 10 copies of the first draft of my book to various friends and family who volunteered to be first readers. I feel both stressed (what if it sucks and they hate it?) and also relieved (well, it’s out there, so that’s that, I guess). Excited and nervous to get notes back.

Speaking of books, I shared a mini roundup of summer reads on the ABM Instagram this week, but if you missed it, here are two books I’m excited about. Royal Holiday looks so fun. I picked this book up randomly at a bookstore (some time ago, as it was before COVID self-quarantine times) and I’m excited to read it. Everything I Never Told You is by the same author as Little Fires Everywhere, which I’ve mentioned previously that I saw the series on Hulu and really liked it. I’m hoping to forget some of that so I can read the book, but in the meantime I’ll start with this previous one by the same author. Celeste Ng (the author) had a really great interview on Brene Brown’s podcast too—so check that out if you’re a podcast person.

Random, but for all my fellow bloggers out there, have you heard of Hashtag Jeff yet? We are just completing a site audit with him and his team and it’s been SUPER helpful. He also has a course if growing your blog from an SEO/searchability perspective is a goal of yours. I’m not getting paid to recommend him here, I just really have seen a lot of value in the site audit we are finishing up, so I wanted to share.

Always looking to add to my handmade coffee mug collection and Elsie recently turned me on to Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. and their Instagram is dreamy to follow as well. (They sell out really quickly, so if you’re interested you really do need to follow them on social and sign up for their newsletter.)

In case you are curious about the prints above my couch (pictured above), we have a print shop we’re planning to launch later this week—super excited!!!!!

Added this cookbook to my collection recently—can’t wait for an excuse to bake a cake. And here is her website with her sister. 🙂

Maybe everyone already knows about Allbirds shoes, but just in case, I’m adding it to my list this week. I’ve had a pair of the wool runners for well over a year now and they are my favorite tennis shoes I’ve ever owned.

I took the month of May off from drinking, but I’m back and I pretty much immediately bought two bottles of Butter Chardonnay because it’s one of my favorites.

Have you printed our summer bucket list yet? It came with the last monthly newsletter we sent. You can sign up for our newsletter here to get the download (you can also make your own!). I have a confession: I printed mine out and it’s sitting by my desk still completely empty. I just don’t know what to put on it. Things still feel so uncertain in a way because of COVID.

I need to add a few things I know for sure I can do and just do them—like go hiking because the Ozarks are beautiful this time of year. But, if I’m being honest, I do feel a little lost as far as things to do in personal life as normally I make plans to travel. Not trying to complain, I really do recognize how great my life is and I truly am thankful. But I just wonder if anyone else is feeling this way too?

Love you all. xo. Emma

Original source: https://abeautifulmess.com/2020/06/10-things-i-love-sunday-166.html

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