10 Things I Love Sunday

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Happy weekend! Since we’ve been home so much lately, I’m appreciating the little things I’ve added to my home decor in the past few months … that patterned wallpaper was such a fun thing to do and I can change it up whenever I want since it’s removable as well. Gotta keep busy with something to keep my mind occupied! Here’s what else I’m loving this week:

1. Got two of these for my outdoor patio and they are so cute (and actually comfortable)!

2. This looks so comfy!

3. Since everyone is homeschooling now in some way, I feel like it would be helpful to get some educational toys like this cute learning kit so we can keep encouraging Lola to learn some letters and number recognition while at home all day. And since she’s also really into pretending lately, this would so fun to do some imaginary play with as well!

4. We love having a big fire table on our back porch, but this is a really cute budget-friendly option.

5. This lipstick (in Honor) is my new fave and I love that you just buy a refill cartridge when you’re out so it’s less waste. The cases are super nice and magnetic and it makes it feel like a luxurious treat just to put some lipstick on.

6. Made these gluten-free pancakes this past weekend and they were SO GOOD. I always add a little sprinkle of chocolate chips to any pancakes that have banana in the batter to get a little bit of that banana/chocolate goodness … yum!

7. These are my favorite shoes I’ve ever owned … I have them in two colors and just about wear them everyday, but I love this new pink and coral color combo!

8. My garden had its first crop last week of four green beans and five snap peas! Now’s the fun part where we get to check daily to see what’s ready to eat and have a little veggie snack after we water.

9. Our library is finally starting to lend books again and this one has been waiting for me for months now—so interested to read it!

10. This set of flatware is perfection as far as I’m concerned.

I think we are going to make a batch of my fave frozen cocktail this weekend so that’s always something to look forward to in our inflatable pool—definitely makes the summer backyard experience feel a little more fancy! xo. Laura


Original source: https://abeautifulmess.com/2020/06/10-things-i-love-sunday-167.html

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