Prince Philip and the Queen apparently have strong opinions about The Crown

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And will they be tuning in for season four?

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We’ve been obsessed with The Crown since it came to our screens, and with the highly anticipated fourth season not too far away, we’re re-watching all the old episodes to make sure we’re up to date.

While the show boasts a band of loyal followers, there are just two people that everyone wants to be regular viewers – the Queen and Prince Philip – the focus of the TV series.

According to the cast of The Crown however, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

While it’s nice to imagine Queen Liz and Philip tucked up in their monogrammed HRH PJs watching the Netflix series, Matt Smith broke the news that Philip doesn’t seem to be a fan.

In a past interview with The Observer, ahead of The Crown season two’s release, Matt Smith sat down to talk about his character, Prince Philip, describing him as ‘a bit of a cool cat’ and explaining that he doesn’t think he watches the show.

the crown season two review


Smith revealed how a close friend who he described as prominent in the film industry was at a dinner with the royals when Prince Philip asked him, ‘What do you do? Are you involved in this Crown thing?’

At the end of the meal the friend in question supposedly asked, ‘Philip, I’m just wondering, because I have some friends who made The Crown, have you watched any?’ To which the Duke of Edinburgh is rumoured to have stopped, glowered and replied, ‘Don’t be ridiculous.’

This hasn’t fazed Matt Smith, with the actor explaining, ‘Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but I just think he’s a bit of a cool cat.’


The Queen on the other hand has reportedly watched The Crown on Netflix and ‘loves it’, giving it the royal stamp of approval.

‘Edward and Sophie love The Crown,’ a senior royal source has explained of the Earl and Countess of Wessex. ‘It has been a longstanding arrangement that they drive to Windsor at the weekend to join the Queen for an informal supper while watching TV or a film. They have a Netflix account and urged her to watch it with them.’

The source continued: ‘Happily, she really liked it, although obviously there were some depictions of events that she found too heavily dramatised.’

We wonder if they will be tuning in for season four!

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