These Disney villain meme mugs will make your tea breaks that bit more exciting

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disney villain mugs

You’ve got endless deadlines, an obscene number of emails in your inbox and yet another Zoom meeting. If there’s one thing that is keeping the nation going after months of working at home, it’s the option to take a tea break whenever you fancy. Taking five minutes to boil the kettle (hopefully you’re not making a cuppa like this lady) and reaching for the McVities new biscuit range is a much needed relief.

But if you really want to up your hot beverage game, Disney has now released a range of mugs with memes of their most formidable villains – and we want them all.

Whether your favourite baddie is Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Jafar from Aladdin and the Evil Queen from Snow White, they’ve got you covered.

disney villain mugs

Credit: Disney

The Ursula mug features a picture of the sea witch looking rather terrifying with the caption: ‘Before coffee’. When you turn it around, there’s a snapshot of her looking glamorously evil reading: ‘After coffee’.

Then there’s the Evil Queen, on one side looking rather irritated with the meme: ‘Lunch disappears from office fridge’. The other side shows her in disguise as the old haggard lady, reading: ‘Hope you like apples?’

Last up there’s the mug that’s perfect for those who are Whatsapp exhausted. Jafar, alongside Lago and the Sultan, is smiling as part of the ‘Group text’. However, his staff – a rather scary serpent with red eyes – is furious, with the text reading: ‘Unsubscribe’.

Disney explains: ‘Ursula exhibits the dramatic effects of caffeine on her personality with this amusing mug. ‘After coffee’ she is charm personified, but woe betide you should you encounter her ‘Before coffee’.

‘The Evil Queen reflects on a theft at the office, and its possible consequences. The villain from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs shows two sides of her personality on this whimsical meme mug.

‘Be careful of giving your contact details to the wrong person. Jasmine’s father, the Sultan, finds himself a reluctant recipient of a ‘Group Text’ from Jafar on this Aladdin mug which also features the hypnotic gaze of the villain’s serpent staff suggesting you ‘Unsubscribe’.’

If you want to get your hands on one (or all) of them, they’re $14.99 each and international shipping is available.

We’re sold.

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