A Color Story: New Collection Celebrates Summer!

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Hi, friends! We are soaking up the sun with a fun SAVINGS in the A Color Story app this month. Introducing the Sun Collection—bright and radiant, these five filter and effects +packs have been hand-selected for the ideal sunny aesthetic. And bonus, you’ll save up to 37% with this collection! We’re excited to tell you what’s included:

Summer — Of course, we couldn’t release the SUN collection without the Summer filter +pack! That would be, like, a crime. The Summer filters are some of our absolute favorites (truly), and one of the best parts of this filter +pack is the wide range of blues in these filters. Lemon is the filter used on the cover photo for this post, and as you can see, it turns the water into a crisp, icy blue. The above image was edited with Firefly. In this photo, the blues look more teal.

Picnic — We worked with ps.ny on the Picnic filters, and they are a tried-and-true filter +pack in the app! Think soft edits with a focus on brightness and warmth. These filters are some of our go-to’s for a one-tap, everyday edit.

Sunkiss — Now for a little dramaaa! Sunkiss, by Hannah Morgan, is perfect for adding warmth and a little indie vibe. These filters push warmth, challenge white balance, and shift shadows—all while maintaining a bold contrast. We love scrolling the #AColorStorySunkiss hashtag to see these incredible filters in action.

PopRosie Clayton’s Pop filters are poppy, just like the name implies! Pop is punchy, but intentionally subtle—designed to amplify your color palette without creating harsh shadows of oversaturation. Stack the filters in the Pop +pack together for a custom look.

Color Fog — Last, but never least! Color Fog comes with 17 fogs in different hues, perfect for adding that golden summer glow, no matter your color palette. As with all of our effects, color fogs can be flipped and shifted to be applied to another part of your photo. We must admit, we do love the look of the fog coming in from the top, though! It adds such a dreamy effect that would be fun to take into A Design Kit and add some text over, too.

In total, the Sun Collection contains 53 filters and 17 effects, so we’re talking about a GOOD deal! As always, tag us in your photos with #acolorstory, and we’ll share some of our favorites. We love keeping up with our community on Instagram!

xo, Team ACS

Original source: https://abeautifulmess.com/a-color-story-new-collection-celebrates-summer/

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