‘Justice for Darius Sessoms’ Facebook Group Set Up by Troll Attracts Thousands of Actual Supporters

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A ‘justice for Darius Sessoms’ Facebook group that was apparently started by a troll to bait BLM supporters was shut down after numerous members began actually expressing sympathy with the African-American man charged with shooting a 5-year-old boy in the head.

Earlier this month, Cannon Hinnant was gunned down at point blank range by Sessoms for the ‘crime’ of riding his bike on the convicted felon’s property.

The story was ignored by every national media outlet bar Fox News for almost a week, with CNN finally reporting on it after massive pressure.

As we previously highlighted, some leftists reacted by celebrating the brutal killing, with one asserting that Hinnant deserved to be killed because of his “white privilege.”

According to National File, the ‘justice for Darius Sessoms’ page was likely started by an anti-Black Lives Matter troll, but the group soon garnered almost 20,000 members and became a forum for posts from BLM sympathizers genuinely expressing support for the murderer.

“Darius Sessoms has been accused of a heinous act that he didn’t commit. This is all propaganda from the far-right Trump propaganda machine to make black people look bad,” said the group’s opening statement.

“We cannot sit idly by while our president plays fast and loose with the laws. That’s why we need to back Darius against these outrageous allegations.”


Whether that statement was written by a pro-Trump troll or not, the page was then deluged with sick messages appearing to be from leftists that seriously sympathized with Sessoms.

“Has a Go Fund Me been set up for Darius? He’s a political prisoner and I would like to donate. We can’t sit idly by and let the system persecute him unjustly,” one user commented.

“I just sent 300 dollars to Darius’ commissary. Stay strong brother,” wrote another.

Another person accused the parents of the boy of “cashing in” on his death by having a GoFundMe.

“We’re going to find out later that he was provoked or somehow set up. Good luck getting that refund,” he remarked.

“I’d feel worse about his death if he didn’t have such a stupid name. A “cannon” that gets shot?” asked another. “Seems like his dad was asking for it since day one.”

Others complained that while Sessoms was immediately arrested, the police officer involved in the death of George Floyd was given better treatment.



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Original source: https://summit.news/2020/08/17/justice-for-darius-sessoms-facebook-group-set-up-by-troll-attracts-thousands-of-actual-supporters/

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