The one piece of school kit experts say can make children perform better

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Some potentially amazing news after months of homeschooling

school kit
Getty Images

After months and MONTHS of homeschooling, it’s finally happening. It’s BACK-TO-SCHOOL week and no you’re not dreaming this. This is not a drill. Parents up and down the land are breathing a HUGE sigh of relief and celebrating with a capital C and plenty of P for Prosecco. But before the little darlings can be delivered safely to the school gates there’s the dreaded school kit shopping trip to navigate. No wait, make that shopping TRIPS.

However, seems there’s one thing you MUST add to the checklist (school rules permitting, obvs) and that’s a bright white shirt. Apparently it’s a school kit miracle worker.

How? Why? OK, you can put your hands down now. Well, according to a new revelation, wearing a bright white school shirt may give children a distinct advantage, compared to wearing other colours. And now, quiet at the back, here comes the science bit.

school kit

Top marks for those bright white shirts (Getty Images)

Psychologist Emma Kenny explains why wearing a crisp white shirt can boost performance in the classroom. ‘One study found that professional dress increases abstract thinking and gives people a broader perspective,’ explains Kenny. ‘So a crisp white shirt helps switch on the creativity button, helping to make the wearer more successful in educational, or career endeavours.

‘In fact, a crisp, clean uniform can be so influential that scientists found students performed better when wearing a smart white lab coat, than without,’ says Kenny. The regular This Morning TV psychologist has teamed up with Dr Beckmann, to spread the word on these findings. ‘Simply believing that these kinds of clothes are worn by intelligent people made students score higher on their tests.’

Now where did I put the Glowhite?




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