Vroom! Apparently driving this car will double your Tinder matches

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What are the factors you look for when swiping right on Tinder? Good style, attractiveness, a lovely smile – but how about a certain brand of car…

tinder matches
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With more people than ever turning to dating apps as the safest way to date during the pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly harder to make your profile stand out amongst the masses and enjoy the Tinder matches you truly deserve.

From a quick scan of a profile, users can learn a lot about a potential partner – from their favourite band, to where they went to school. But how much are we swayed by the more unconventional features that make up a dating profile? 

Click4Reg, a number plate specialist, decided to put this to the test and see whether a specific car brand in your photo could impact the likelihood of scoring a date. By creating multiple profiles with the same man and woman standing in front of different makes of car, they were able to see which generated the most Tinder matches.

The top car for Tinder matches

With a success rate of a whopping 72.6% and bagging the top spot, was the Mercedes-Benz-C-Class, which brought in 218 out of 300 possible matches. The popular car could set you ahead of the competition, especially in Liverpool, where 44% of people interviewed admitted that they were more likely to swipe right on a user with a fancy car.

In second place, and carrying a significantly heftier price tag, was the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, which generated 213 swipes. As the most expensive car tested, a three course meal (and a bottle of champers, perhaps?) might be expected alongside a match with any owners of this car.  

Proving that you don’t need a costly ride to bag a date is the third most popular car was the Volkswagen Polo. This compact car made it into the top five most popular cars for both men and women, selling from £15,068. 

Amongst the popular cars tested, the Toyota Yaris generated the least amount of potential suitors, with only 151 out of 300 people swiping right. The survey further showed that 33% of people would be turned off by an outdated car, and that 1 in 4 would go as far as to rent a car to take a photo with for their profile – wow…

Here are the top 5 most attractive cars for men and women: 

The most popular cars amongst women: 

  1. Mercedes-Benz- C-Class 
  2. Land Rover Range Rover Sport 
  3. BMW Series 3 
  4. Audi A3 
  5. Volkswagen Polo 

And for men:

  1. Land Rover Range Rover 
  2. Audi A3
  3. Volkswagen Polo 
  4. Mercedes-Benz-C-Class 
  5. Fiat 500 

Whilst a car is a wonderful added bonus, make sure that ultimately you are the star of your own online dating profile. People are looking for a partner, after all, not a car dealership owner.

The post Vroom! Apparently driving this car will double your Tinder matches appeared first on Marie Claire.

Original source: https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/does-your-car-make-you-more-attractive-on-tinder-710547

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