Coffee Break: Modal and Silk Scarf

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I usually recommend Nordstrom’s tissue scarves (and often check back myself to see what colors and prints they have in stock) — but I will note that some of my all-time favorite scarves have been silk/modal blends, like this one. The blend means that it’s ultra soft — but it also means it’s got more heft than a pure silk scarf (so it doesn’t fly in your face on a windy day) and it’s less likely to catch on your jewelry, tags, or whatever else it is that scarves always seem to catch on and run.

(Fun fact: DvF years and years ago made a great silk/modal scarf in so many fun prints — I believe it was called the Kenley scarf, and I had one and had bought one for my mother-in-law. Sadly I lost mine on a date night with my husband (sob!) — but I still occasionally check Poshmark or eBay for good options.)

The pictured scarf is a great price — it’s $39 at Nordstrom.

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