2020 *fall* FASHION TRENDS + outfit ideas!

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Styling some of the most popular fall 2020 fashion trends- but it’s not fall here so they are more seasonless lol.. hope you can get some inspo!! sorry if it’s a bit chattier than usual but hopefully you still enjoy! Subscribe for more fashion videos – http://bit.ly/1vNpDRe

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Opening Dress – Yes Style | https://bit.ly/30BwpmN

~Look One~
Sweater Vest – Yes Style | Similar – https://bit.ly/3lfFARO
White Button Up – Topshop | https://bit.ly/31DN8qq
Black Tennis Skirt – City Beach (lol) | Similar – https://bit.ly/36uBpgN
White Socks – Target
Shoes – ASOS | Similar – https://bit.ly/36A9xIa
Box Bag – Yes Style | https://bit.ly/2YN6dF7

~Look Two~
Patchwork Top – Yes Style | https://bit.ly/2Gql8yK
Pants – I Am Gia
Leg Harness – Korea | Similar – https://bit.ly/3lfCq06
Belt (worn as harness) | Yes Style | Similar – https://bit.ly/3jyoDl4
Sunglasses – Thrifted
Shoes – Windsor Smith | http://bit.ly/2kC70HI

~Look Three~
Green & Purple Sweater – PepperMayo | https://bit.ly/34nm8vz
Lilac Tennis Skirt – Yes Style | Similar – https://bit.ly/36uBpgN
White Cowboy Boots – Style Nanda | Similar – https://bit.ly/34u2DS9
Gingham Pants – Glassons | Similar – https://bit.ly/3njJz1q
Purple Bag – Yes Style | https://bit.ly/3iyrCsr
Black Bag – Yes Style | https://bit.ly/3nft86e
Boots – Vegan Docs | https://bit.ly/34wJfnA

~Look Four~
Lace Gloves – Yes Style | https://bit.ly/36x4A2L
Slip Dress – Gang Young | https://bit.ly/2F2cB4p
Sheer Top – Cheep | https://bit.ly/2Q8UFH6
Lace Trim Socks – Yes Style | https://bit.ly/33s6Epl
Mary Janes – Koi Footwear | https://bit.ly/2HZ5z1t

~Look Five~
Sheer Top – Cheep | https://bit.ly/2Q8UFH6
Corset – Similar – https://bit.ly/3nmQpDw
Leopard Midi Skirt – Princess Polly | Similar – https://bit.ly/34tbhjs
Boots – Vegan Docs | https://bit.ly/34wJfnA
Leather Jacket – Thrifted | Similar – https://bit.ly/34tai2K

~Look Six~
Red Leather Jacket – Thrifted
Leather Pants – Princess Polly | https://bit.ly/3jvPkqA
Boob Tube – Supre | https://bit.ly/36uHKc5
Bag – Thrifted | Similar – https://bit.ly/2SuUV4x
Sunglasses – Thrifted

~Look Seven~
Argyle Cardigan – MixxMix | Similar – https://bit.ly/3iv3dDZ
Button Up – Yes Style | https://bit.ly/3lj4Mqx
Brown Skirt – Yes Style | https://bit.ly/2LA3YxL
Leg Warmers – eBay | https://bit.ly/33wuKAP
Platforms – Buffalo x Puma

FTC: Sponsored by Shoptagr! So grateful they continue to support this channel 🙂 please note that some clothing links are also affiliate, meaning I earn a small commission on orders placed through those links.

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