10 Things I Love Sunday

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Howdy! We’ve officially been living in our new home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for just about two weeks now. We are trying to renovate a few things upstairs quickly so it can feel more like home before we totally settle into the holiday season. So while we had a balloon arch and bubbles outside during this photo, inside the house was a rotten subfloor and some panicked adults. I definitely think Lola was having the better time on that one! Here are a few things that have made me smile in the midst of chaos and box unpacking:

1. This is officially the desk of my dreams right now, but I settled for a much more budget-friendly Craigslist option, haha! I got this desk chair, though and it’s super comfy and I love the ’70s vibe it gives off (I thought this chair was pretty cute too).

2. I found a pumpkin spice whipped cream at ALDI for (similar here) when I’m really feeling the fall vibes and want something fancy to top my coffee and I already got this coffee creamer as well for “normal” days (non-dairy and no sugar added!).

3. Got this shower curtain and it may be my favorite one ever! Is it too much to get the bath mat, too?

4. The room that is now my office at our new house used to be an outdoor porch before they closed it in, so it’s quite a bit colder than the rest of the house. I was kind of dreading having to buy an ugly space heater since I’m trying to make it cute in there, but then I found this one and my problem was solved! I guess they tried to design it to look more like a speaker so it blends in a lot better.

5. Obsessed with this print for my home and love this shop for cute kids prints as well (the Halloween ones are so cute).

6. My favorite face mask to date!! So comfortable (it’s the only mask that doesn’t hurt my ears eventually) and the chin cutout and nose clip help it stay in place really well.

7. Remodeling with a toddler isn’t always easy, but we’ve been letting her help paint at times (she actually does pretty well!) and then we smooth over her strokes with a roller before they dry, and I got her this wooden tool kit since she’s always trying to take our tools and she’s been thrilled with it!

8. Love this and this affordable necklace for layering.

9. Apple bread? Yes, please!

10. Such a good sweater for the holiday season and I love this one for being cozy and cute.

Overall, I think the next month or two will bring a lot of good changes as we try and get cozy in our new home. I know the phase of boxes everywhere and takeout meals will eventually come to an end, so I’m just trying to find some joy in the little things and have fun dreaming about how the space may look some day. Happy weekend! xo. Laura

P.S. Here’s a DIY for a balloon garland in case you want one for your front door too!

Original source: https://abeautifulmess.com/10-things-i-love-sunday-183/

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