All the times Barack and Michelle Obama were the realest

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And it’s giving us serious relationship goals

When Barack Obama took to the stage in 2008 to make his speech after securing the Democratic nomination, he and wife Michelle affectionately bumped fists in front of the crowds. It was a small gesture, but as far as political displays of affection go, the ‘fist bump of hope’ (as it was later named) proved that these two were pretty much as real as it gets.

Easily the best thing about the former President and First Lady is their willingness to shun formalities and scripted displays of refinement that come with positions of power. And oh, do they do it with class. Instead of stuffy handshakes and cold cheek pecks, they slow dance and kiss. If they’re at a music event, they won’t foot tap from a safe distance, they’ll get down and boogie. And when the couple have a day off, they’ll go out on bike rides, or watch basketball as they shovel popcorn into their mouths.

Since the Obamas’ departure from the White House, the whole world has been missing them. Luckily for us, they’ve come back into our lives, first with Michelle’s memoir Becoming and now Barack’s back with his book, A Promised Land. In his new memoir, Obama gets very honest about the strain his presidency put on their marriage, fearing they would never feel the way they used to about each other. However, it’s safe to say the power couple are back stronger than ever and here we take a look at how they kept their relationship on track.

Prepare to go ‘aww’ at some of our favourite Barack and Michelle moments over the years, proving they’re really the realest…

When Barack posted the cutest birthday photo for Michelle


Perhaps the best photo booth reel we’ll ever see.

When Barack and Michelle Obama did the Thriller routine at their Halloween party

There may never be another POTUS and FLOTUS as cool as these two.

When Barack Obama posted on Instagram on their  28th wedding anniversary

While Obama’s presidency might be at an end, his marriage is definitely still going strong. This post on their anniversary made our hearts melt.

When Michelle showed the world her impression of Barack

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Michelle demonstrated her best impression of POTUS – and nailed it. ‘Let me just answer that in three points…’

When Barack posted the coolest and sweetest Valentine post about Michelle

There’s no doubt that they would always be the last ones on the dance floor.

When Barack tweeted about Michelle on National Best Friends Day

Barack and Michelle Obama

On National Best Friend day, Barack took to Twitter posting a photo of him and his wife, saying: ‘Celebrate #NationalBestFriendsDay with the person who brings out the best in you.’ These guys.

When Michelle fixed his bow tie

Barack and Michelle Obama

As President Obama and the First Lady welcomed the President of China and Madame Peng Liyuan to a State Dinner, Michelle took a moment to fix her man’s bow tie. And he seemed pretty pleased about the whole thing.

When Barack celebrated Michelle on Mother’s Day

When Barack and Michelle slow danced

Barack and Michelle Obama

At his official presidency inauguration ball in 2009, Michelle and Barack Obama channelled two teenagers in love at their highschool prom as they slow danced the night away.

When they watched some basketball

Barack and Michelle Obama

Michelle and Barack are basketball lovers and proud. On the (rare) occasion that they get a day off from their presidential duties, they sit court-side to watch their favourite teams. Popcorn and Coke included.


When they necked some Guinness

Barack and Michelle Obama

When Mr. and Mrs. Obama visited Moneygall in Ireland (Barack’s ancestral home, incidentally), the pair were more than happy to sample a pint of the national drink: Guinness. We’re going to imagine they’re having a downing competition in this photo. ALL IN ONE, guys.

When they got competitive

Barack and Michelle Obama

The President and First Lady aren’t about faux-etiquette. At an event to support the City of Chicago hosting the Olympic Games in which the guest played games on the lawn, the pair were feeling competitive and weren’t afraid to show it.

When the Kiss Cam landed on Michelle and Barack Obama 

Barack and Michelle Obama

At the Brazil vs U.S Pre Olympic basketball game in 2012, the pesky Kiss Cam landed on the global figures. Did the pair shoo it away in coy embarrassment? Of course not…

… and they were good sports

Barack and Michelle Obama

Instead, they had a good ol’ smooch as their daughter Malia and Vice President Joe Biden laughed on.

When she teased him

Barack and Michelle Obama

As President Obama and first lady Michelle hosted a group of Girl Scouts for a campout on the lawn of the White House (um, best camping party ever or what?), Michelle showed Barack the hand.

When they didn’t take themselves too seriously

Barack and Michelle Obama

We love how these two never take themselves too seriously.

When he proved they were just as cool and in love with a throwback photo

When they got really into the basketball

Barack and Michelle Obama

This time, Mr. and Mrs. Obama were watching the Akron Zips vs the Oregon State Beavers. Clearly there’d been some foul play and they weren’t afraid to show they were pissed about it. Incredible.

When they boogied with an Easter bunny

Barack and Michelle Obama

Boogying away with an enormous Easter Bunny? Sign Michelle and Barack up.

When they slow danced AGAIN

Barack and Michelle Obama

They’re just like two teenagers in love, as proved when they slow danced again at the Commander-in-Chief Ball in 2013.

This adorable moment

Barack and Michelle Obama

Probably the best thing about Michelle and Barack Obama is the fact that they are stupidly in love and aren’t afraid to show it. Just look at how Barack is looking at his wife as she gets emotional at a friend’s wedding. Too cute.

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