10 Things I Love Sunday

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Happy weekend, friends! I hope you’re finding some joy for yourself today. Here are 10 things I have been loving lately:

Get yourself a disco ball! I have one that is basically a leftover photo prop (see above) and I’m realizing this is an excellent piece of holiday/anytime decor. Look how the light catches it in the late afternoon! It even makes my popcorn ceilings look a little magical.

Let’s talk advent calendars. I love a good homemade advent like this and this one. But, I also decided to buy my immediate family the store-bought kind that has little cardboard pockets you open each day. It just seemed like a small thing (gift) I could get them this year that might make this strange holiday season a little more fun. I got Elsie’s girls this Kinder one (two, so they each get their own), this non-candy one for my niece, Penny, this one for my brother and his fiancé, although really it’s for their dog kids. I bought this classic milk chocolate one for my parents.

Since moving into the holiday house a couple months ago, I noticed the flatware was looking very worn out. It was the gold kind, but the gold was flaking off, and although I’m sure it was still food safe it just didn’t feel like it. So, I decided to buy a few new sets and I splurged a little, as I also use these in my food photography for work, so why not? I got these pretty white handle ones, and these classic gold ones.

I’m currently reading The Magpie Society: One for Sorrow and loving it. It’s a YA murder mystery based at a spooky English school—very fun and an easy read. It’s a good one to curl up with some hot cocoa.

Bought myself this ring from Etsy. I think I actually saw it in an Instagram ad. Do you all fall for those too? I did, but no regrets because I love it.

Bought a few holiday decor items from my friend, Kara. I got these ornaments and this garland. She has lots of really pretty stuff!

Also added a new Santa mug to my collection (tour coming soon). This shop makes Santa mugs in three different skin tones.

I like the fit of these leggings—my wardrobe is slowly becoming all animal print. I think of this as a “cool aunt” look, but I feel like Carole Baskin sort of ruined it for everyone.

I needed to update a lot of my makeup, so here is everything I got. It’s a bit of an ILIA haul: concealer, liquid eye tint (which I plan to use as highlighter, too), and a multi stick that I’ll use for lips and cheeks. Should I do a review or show things on IG? I never know how helpful that is since everyone has such different skin types and tones.

During a sale I recently bought this pink cardigan. I wear cardigans or sweaters basically everyday now since it’s full on winter temperatures now. Ha.

Take care of yourselves, friends! xo. Emma

Original source: https://abeautifulmess.com/10-things-i-love-sunday-189/

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