Gift Ideas for Everyone from the 2020 Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale!

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Wow — there are a TON of great gifts in the 2020 Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale. I’ve already put through a few orders for friends and family, so I thought I’d poke around for more gift ideas…

As a general note, Nordstrom is among our list of retailers with the best return policies — it’s incredibly easy to return anything, at any time, to Nordstrom (better with tags on/unused, but not necessary) — so the store is among my favorites for gift ideas. Plus, they’re offering an additional 25% off clearance items through December 1!

Readers, what kinds of gifts are you hunting for this year? Have you gotten any items for yourself that you think would make amazing gifts? Do tell…

(You may want to check out some of our other gift ideas, as well as our running list of “little things” that make our lives better — particularly great if you’re looking for super affordable gifts or stocking stuffers.)

Everything pictured here is part of the 2020 Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale! You can also take a look at this tag to see all of our favorite workwear that’s included in the sale as well.

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

For the Wellness and Self-Care Fan

Some gift ideas if you know someone who’s kind of into wellness, health, and self-care…

Pictured (clockwise): lotion / candle / blanket / red tea set / massager / water bottle / headphones

  • There are lots of beauty sets in the sale, but this Kiehl’s one looks perfect for the person who can never get enough hydration for her skin! (Lots of Kiehl’s in the sale in general!)
  • If you know someone who’s into making outdoor gatherings as magical as possible, I haven’t seen the outdoor version of the classic Baies scent before — and it’s on sale for $290 (was $340).
  • I’ve sung the praises of weighted blankets before for helping with sleep and anxiety — and there are a ton of Gravity cooling weighted blankets as low as $180! (They should be around 10% of your bodyweight.)
  • Teas are always great — and there are actually a number of beautiful sets on sale, including Vahdam teas, Palais des Thés
  • I keep seeing personal massage guns recommended — makes sense since a lot of us haven’t had massages since the spring! There are a ton of massage guns in the sale, including highly recommended brands like Theragun!
  • Know someone trying to get more water in? There’s a ton of beautiful S’well water bottles on sale, as well as Hydroflask.
  • Bose headphones are always highly rated, both for audiophiles who can’t get enough of their music, as well as for people who are in need of noise cancellation
  • tons of great leggings and other things on sale for the aspiring yogi

Gift Ideas to Elevate the Home

Pictured above: beer cooler / throw blanket / electric kettle / chardonnay glass / storage canisters / digital picture frame

  • These beer coolers look great for when things are warm again — or, hey, just for keeping your beer cool as you sit in front of a roaring holiday fire. They’re available for both cans as well as bottles!
  • Bliss Plush Throw – these are reader favorites and best sellers at Nordstrom, with almost 1900 positive reviews. They’re on sale for $23-$37. Also consider the highly rated UGG blankets and throws, also included in the sale. (NOT any more pieces in the sale, but Barefoot Dreams blankets are also highly recommended!)
  • I’m still a big fan of my goosenecked electric kettle, but this electric kettle from smeg has a really fun retro look. There’s a huge variety of colors; the slate grey one pictured is on sale for $130.
  • There are a number of Riedel glasses on sale for as low as $21 – particularly nice if you know someone is dedicated to a particular type of wine like chardonnay or cabernet. (There’s also actually a ton of Waterford and other drinkware in the sale!)
  • storage canisters – this is the kind of thing I probably wouldn’t buy for myself, but I’d be happy if someone gave it to me — the idea of a beautifully matched pantry seems lovely!
  • digital picture frame – I’ve recommended Nixplay photo frames in the past, but Nordstrom has a ton of nice, highly rated ones from the brand Aura — they look a lot more stylish than the Nixplay!

Gift Ideas in the 2020 Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale For The Chic but Practical Homebody

Pictured above: pullover / slipper / earrings / sweatpants / brown tote / black backpack

  • I am 100% not a “fleece pullover” kind of girl — and yet this one looks so soft and snuggly that even I want it. It’s even called the “wubby pullover” — awwww.
  • If ever there was a year for good slippers, it’s this 2020! There a ton of nice slippers in the sale; these fluffy ones from BP. are super affordable at $19.
  • There’s a big selection of Kendra Scott jewelry in the sale, and these earrings are extremely highly rated — and down as low as $35. Looking for other jewelry deals? There are a ton of super affordable, chic options from Ettika; if you’re looking for something a bit more spendy there’s a ton of Monica Vinader included in the sale, and if you want something even FANCIER there’s good deals to be had on Bony Levy diamonds.
  • These Sweaty Betty “yoga trousers” have amazing ratings, and there are a ton of colors 30% off. Again: if ever there was a year for “fancy sweatpants,” it’s this one.
  • This leather tote bag is a Hall of Famer for a reason — I’m loving the cool details on this brown version.
  • If you’re hunting for a gift for someone who is never going to go back to a huge purse again, consider the Pliage items in the sale — they last forever, are incredibly lightweight, and they’re classics. This simple backpack looks great for travel, whenever we’re ready for that again…

Readers, how about you — what gifts are you hunting for this year? Have you gotten anything great in the 2020 Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale?

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