10 Things I Love – Birthday Edition!

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Hi, friends! My birthday is later this week. I am turning 35 years old, and although I am so very grateful for many things in my life, I wish I could go on a trip SO BAD right now. But life is weird at the moment. So, instead I’ll just share with you a number of things I bought myself as a birthday present and a few things I still might buy. Ha.

I bought myself not one but TWO pairs of these yoga pants. I now own three pairs and it’s almost all I wear right now.

I had been eyeing these shoes for a while and I finally bought myself some. So far they have mostly been used to go to the grocery store, but I am hopeful for their future.

Oddly enough, I haven’t been biting my nails lately. I have mostly been a life long nail-biter, but recently I stopped somehow. So, a nail polish set seemed to be in order.

I’ve also bought myself a number of rings lately, starting with this one and then this one and also these.

Wanted some Tiny Tassel earrings for a while and finally got this pair.

It hasn’t arrived just yet, but I bought myself an Agility mattress (like I had before). I love it that much!

I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I am very, very seriously considering a new pair of tennis shoes. I love this brand—I have an old pair I wear a lot, but they are finally on their last leg (pun!).

I ordered myself a cake from a local baker (and singer/songwriter), Ellie Schmidly. Check out her Instagram account @cake.sgf. especially if you are in the Springfield, Missouri area.

On my birthday, or a day or two after (however my schedule works out), I am planning to go flea market shopping around town, which I haven’t done in forever. I have a list of things I’m looking for so fingers crossed I might find a little treasure that day. 🙂

This isn’t really a birthday present (because I go outside of my birthday too, lately twice a month), but I have a therapy session this week and I do consider that a gift to myself.

Last thing. Do you want to give me a birthday gift? If so, what I’d really love is some book recommendations, just leave them in the comments. I’m looking for fiction and I’m open to anything, but I’m especially into more lighthearted things at the moment, yet I also always love a good mystery, romance, fantasy, YA, or a thriller. xo. Emma

Original source: https://abeautifulmess.com/10-things-i-love-birthday-edition-2/

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