Eating the KOBE BEEF of Thailand – Is It That Good?? 🥩 Street Food Steakhouse!

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📺 WATCH NEXT – Isaan Street Food Tour:

SAKHON NAKHON (สกลนคร), THAILAND – Welcome to Sakhon Nakhon, a province in Isaan – northeastern Thailand that’s home to wide open space, rocky mountains, rice agriculture, and some of the best quality and tasting beef in all of Thailand! #ThaiFood #streetfood #bbq

Sakhon Nakhon is famous for its Ko Khun Pon Yang Kham Beef (โคขุนโพนยางคํา), sometimes called the Kobe Beef of Thailand, it’s one of the best quality and flavor profile beef in Thailand and so I was very excited to finally be at the source.

Mong Yod Neua Yang Restaurant (ร้านโม้งยอดเนื้อย่าง – I chose to eat at Mong Yod Neua Yang Restaurant (ร้านโม้งยอดเนื้อย่าง), a restaurant that many recommended to me for Thai beef steakhouse style bbq. You can choose your cut of beef, and at this restaurant you get a hot iron griddle over charcoal to cook the beef yourself. Additionally they serve other Ko Khun Pon Yang Kham Beef (โคขุนโพนยางคํา) dishes – Isaan food – like nam tok and laap, made with this special beef.

The owner of the restaurant, you can tell is very passionate about the beef he serves, and he ensures the quality by hand picking it out himself each day from the fresh beef.

It was one of my first times to eat real Ko Khun Pon Yang Kham Beef (โคขุนโพนยางคํา) and I was impressed by the taste and flavor of this Thai grass fed beef. It’s not as soft or butter as Kobe beef or types of Wagyu, but it has a bit of texture and is very flavorful. I also thoroughly enjoyed the experience eating at Mong Yod Neua Yang Restaurant (ร้านโม้งยอดเนื้อย่าง) – it’s laid back, relaxing, and you can choose the places of beef you like. The sauces were also delicious.

Also, when comparing the beef quality to the price, the value is incredible – might be some of the best quality beef for the price that I’ve had.

Total price – 950 THB ($31.49) for everything

Thank you for watching, and when you’re in Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand, don’t miss eating a local style Thai steakhouse bbq!



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