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Our viewers are often telling us that they love our drone videography. In this week’s new video episode we’re going back through our archives and sharing our favorite RV camping and travel drone footage from nearly three and a half years of Grand Adventure. You won’t want to miss this!

Filmed: October 2017 to February 2021


* Ep. 1: San Rafael Swell Mountain Bike Festival https://youtu.be/Il2gGkXq8fc
* Ep. 2: Valley of the Gods, Monument Valley & Navajo National Monument https://youtu.be/-uY-FV9bMg8
* Ep. 7: Bonneville Salt Flats https://youtu.be/hEsT7Ztalmg
* Ep. 9: Little Sahara Recreation Area https://youtu.be/-C_xaAqxO50
* Ep. 13: Lake Powell & Antelope Canyon https://youtu.be/ZGlbYKsD7xc
* Ep. 29: Virgin, Utah https://youtu.be/sB6D-qnKKZo
* Ep. 31: Wild Horses & Pony Express Trail https://youtu.be/4esScZWu6Ck
* Ep. 34: Rockport State Park https://youtu.be/wU4ZKVOyB2I
* Ep. 43: Badlands https://youtu.be/FjdQutKCTSQ
* Ep. 52: Newport, Oregon https://youtu.be/kVGr1zS3Pgk
* Ep. 54: Mendocino Coast to Tahoe https://youtu.be/soBlsXhiZII
* Ep. 55: Virginia City https://youtu.be/SeTnwzY4JO8
* Ep. 56: Eastern Sierra https://youtu.be/EuBqHtNitL4
* Ep. 69: Million Dollar Highway https://youtu.be/wte47AEZzwA
* Ep. 72: Grand Teton National Park https://youtu.be/2ascEHqlnt8
* Ep. 75: Flaming Gorge https://youtu.be/m-kAtuPcH_A
* Ep. 81: Mojave National Preserve https://youtu.be/bKRLA60dfMQ
* Ep. 82: Snow Canyon State Park https://youtu.be/Ae-XLFXVdk4
* Ep. 85: Travel With a Drone https://youtu.be/uT7NTiopOww
* Ep. 93: Winter RV Camping & Skiing https://youtu.be/wToGtMMUAV4
* Ep. 97: Arches National Park & Moab https://youtu.be/VVkLtUp1-tw
* Ep. 98: Canyonlands National Park & Moab https://youtu.be/uqEP4TIOpKM
* Ep. 101: Bears Ears & Natural Bridges National Monuments https://youtu.be/oiv0836b3Lo
* Ep. 102: Goblin Valley & Little Wild Horse https://youtu.be/ODGccrhqnXY
* Ep. 108: Wind River Mountains https://youtu.be/zAumhI89nZM
* Ep. 109: Island Park https://youtu.be/GOXgHItVdKs
* Ep. 110: Lily Lake – Uinta Mountains https://youtu.be/pTDD9PHY_VY
* Ep. 121: South Padre Island https://youtu.be/RJbq11F4pUo
* Ep. 122: Padre Island National Seashore https://youtu.be/SqY-UIfQnRQ
* Ep. 125: Texas Hill Country https://youtu.be/3AMmir9ax3U
* Ep. 135: Grand Targhee https://youtu.be/29BYY0wLy4M
* Ep. 143: Tombstone https://youtu.be/w4l7YSzFBCw
* Ep. 144: Bisbee, Arizona https://youtu.be/-Yr55YBMoGI
* Ep. 150: Sedona https://youtu.be/TcVjH61OJas
* Ep. 151: Bryce Canyon Country https://youtu.be/h-qqTCTB-6g
* Ep. 154: Pine Ridge | Nebraska https://youtu.be/cO9e4vD6wAM
* Ep. 161: Lookout Mountain https://youtu.be/jTq5Tv5SHwo
* Ep. 163: Table Rock Lake https://youtu.be/iSEOIhl8-XQ
* Ep. 165: Door County https://youtu.be/OmUThkB8kKc
* Ep. 168: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore https://youtu.be/-i5JwaoT-F8
* Ep. 171: Small Town America https://youtu.be/RI8Jftpk7WM
* Ep. 173: North Dakota Ghost Town https://youtu.be/yUKLAhgmYWs
* Ep. 174: Theodore Roosevelt National Park & Medora https://youtu.be/EB9OaHTh06I
* Ep. 177: The Wedge https://youtu.be/hhicjYJXri0


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Welcome to Grand Adventure, a YouTube channel that focuses on RV-centric outdoor activities including not only of course camping, but also mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, skiing and more, always filmed in stunning 4K.

My wife Patricia and I, and dog Zoe are avid boondockers, so we’re usually camped in some of the most remote and beautiful spots that you could ever pull a travel trailer into. We’ve now transitioned from “long-timing” for six months a year, to living and traveling in our RV full-time.

We’ll provide beautiful travel videos, as well as some tips and insight on trip planning, and equipping and maintaining your RV to make your next adventure a grand one indeed! So, subscribe to make sure that you catch every episode, and remember…life is nothing but a Grand Adventure!


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