New Poll Shows Support For BLM Continues to Fall

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A new poll shows that support for Black Lives Matter is continuing to fall, particularly amongst black people where advocacy for the group has dropped by 12 per cent since June.

A USA Today/Ipsos survey reveals that overall public trust in BLM has dropped from 60 per cent in June to 50 per cent today. Trust in police now stands at 69 per cent.

Amongst whites, 42 per cent said they trusted BLM compared to 77 per cent who said they trusted police.

“But while the racial divide is wide, public opinion has shifted against BLM among both white and black Americans,” reports RT. “According to the poll, trust in BLM has dropped 12 percentage points among black people since last June, while trust in the police has jumped 14 points. The percentage of white people who trust BLM fell by eight points, while their trust in police rose 12 points.”

Fewer than one in five (18 per cent) of Americans now support a movement to “defund the police.”

The survey also showed a massive swing in the number of Americans who think the death of George Floyd was murder.

Back in June, 60 per cent described Floyd’s death as murder. That figure has dropped to just 36 per cent today.

A plurality of Americans now believe that Floyd’s death was either negligence, an accident, or that the officer did nothing wrong.

The poll numbers once again indicate how support for BLM naturally declines when the media is starved of polarizing events which it can exploit to push racial division.

“The poll didn’t include Floyd’s most likely cause of death, which is that he died of an overdose as a result of the deadly level of fentanyl in his system,” points out Chris Menahan.


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