Best lube for sex: 13 best available to buy RN, plus your guide to which one’s for you

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“It’s a fact that people who use lubricant have better sex – not only does it ease penetration, but makes external play more enjoyable, too.”

If you’re searching for the best lube, chances are, you’re keen to make penetration that bit smoother in the bedroom, right?

Well, fun fact: according to Lovehoney sex expert Annabelle Knight, not only is lube great for slick entry, it’s pretty much guaranteed to make sex better overall.

Knight says: “It’s a fact that people who use lubricant have better sex – not only does the slippery stuff ease penetration, it also makes external play much more enjoyable.”

Worried it might not be for you? Don’t, she advises. “Contrary to popular misconception, lube is for everyone, not just people whose bodies are struggling to produce natural lubrication. Even if you feel that your body is doing a great job without any assistance, you might be missing out on a whole lot of extra pleasure without knowing it.”

Well, when you put it like that…

You’ve likely scrolled our guides to the best sex toys, the best sex toys for couples and the best quiet sex toys – we really are good to you. Now, read our edit of the very best lubes to make using all those toys that bit more enjoyable – whether it’s self love or couples play you’re after, there’s a lube for every occasion.

3 reasons lube is a good investment 

Wondering what ways, exactly, lube will be a good investment for your sex life? According to the sex-pert, ‘there’s no end to the ways that lube improves your sex life.’

We’re listening…

1. Lube reduces friction

An obvious one, but by applying gel and lubrication to your genitals, you’ll reduce the potential friction of your bodies rubbing together, she explains. “This means less chafing and more pleasuring. No matter what sex act you’re doing or what toy you’re playing with, reduced friction is a blessing your orgasms will thank you for,” she adds.

2. Lube makes experimenting more safe

Think about it: it’s far more bodily friendly than, say, chocolate or whipped cream. “It’s a safe way to amp things up in the bedroom, whether that’s adding a hint of sweetness to oral sex or bringing a little extra tingle to your touches,” shares Knight. Essentially, it can join you in places where other edibles can’t (we’re looking at you, whipped cream).

3. Lube is usable at a seconds notice

This one’s for the people who just really can’t get on with condoms. You know, the faff of unwrapping them, putting them on, making sure they’re on correctly… can all be a bit of a turn off, can’t it? “Lube is ready as soon as you are, so you can heat things up at a moment’s notice,” Knight shares. Just make sure you’re using other protection, if you’re skipping the condom altogether.

If you’re not sure which to opt for, our handy guide below explains which lubes are best for every need.

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