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Building An Effective Backlink System

Have you ever visited sites like where you were given the opportunity to “rate” people based on their photos ? Each time you voted, the image would be given “weight” within the system and would therefore appear more frequently whenever new visitors browsed through the image gallery.

Backlinks work in a similar way, with each backlink directing people to your website being equivalent to a “vote”. The more back-links you have, the easier it is to secure your position within the search engines and influence search results so that your website is considered relevant and appears more frequently.

It’s no wonder that so many people have turned their attention to building an expansive, solid system consisting of hundreds of permanent backlinks. Organic, free, search engine traffic consists of some of the most targeted, relevant visitors you’d ever get, and if you are able to secure your position within the top search results for highly targeted keywords, you could eliminate any need to pay a fortune in pay per click marketing.

Plus, the traffic you do receive will be exceptionally targeted, and far more interested in the products or services you are offering.

So, … since backlinks play such an important role in your ability to generate traffic and effectively launch your website so that you are able to maximize exposure and build brand awareness, your question should be …

“How the heck do I begin to build backlinks ??!”

Just do.

Before I answer that, and I will show you exactly how to set up an incredibly effective backlink system, there is something you should keep in mind when you begin to develop backlinks for your website. Search engines determine how relevant and important your website is not just by the number of backlinks pointing to your website, … also by who is linking to you.

This means that not only do you want to focus on building a high number of backlinks yet … that you also want to focus on quality backlinks that are housed on authority sites.

Quality and quantity are equally important when building your backlink system, and don’t fool yourself, in case the search engines are forced to choose between the two, and when you have an equal number of backlinks as a competitor in your niche, the “vote” will go for the site with the highest number of quality backlinks.

This means that you want to do your best to develop backlinks on established websites in your niche. These are sites that have been around for quite some time, have developed a following, established a community and of course, receive a significant amount of traffic each day.

While you can and should incorporate a variety of backlinks into your system, including links from authority sites that may not be directly focused on the same topic or theme as your website, always keep in mind that incoming links from quality websites will always play a greater role in maximizing your search engine ranking and overall exposure.

There are many different ways to begin your linkbuilding campaign and while many of the traditional strategies can be time consuming, once you have developed a solid backlink structure and begin to increase your search engine positioning, you will be able to easily maintain it.

Let’s take a look at some of the more effective methods of building backlinks.

Effective Methods Of Building Backlinks

Building backlinks isn’t difficult, yet it can be time consuming and at times, quite tedious. Still, it’s an essential component in boosting your search engine ranking while being able to generate targeted, high quality traffic to your website at absolutely no overwhelming costs.

For the most part, you can easily outsource the development of your backlinks by handing the address of this website to your freelancer, and specifying exactly what you require … see the final section of this page for tips on successfully outsourcing your entire backlink campaign.

Note : I suggest that you take a hands on approach to building your backlinks and begin by developing your backlink system yourself, so that when you do decide to later outsource it, you will fully understand the process and all that’s involved, putting you in the position to clearly demonstrate to your freelancer exactly what you expect of them.

Here are the most effective methods of building a massive backlink campaign for your website

The Testimonials Method. Contact vendors and businesses in your niche that you work with or whose products you use. Offer to write them a testimonial to place on their website in case they’ll give you a link back.

The Donations Method. Look for charities related to your niche that have donor pages. These are lists of donors that have made a donation to the charity, complete with URL’s. Then simply make a donation and get a link.

Art organizations, student clubs at colleges, theaters, orchestras, etc. are also good places to look for these donor pages. Many of these sites have high domain authority, and some are even .edu links.

Make sure you do NOT ask for the link. Simply make the donation with no strings attached. In case they have a donor page, you’re very likely to appear on it. Don’t overdo this technique – use it in addition to other techniques and you will get some high authority links for very little time or effort. And you can usually write off the donation, too.

The Gift Method. Make a list of the authority people in your niche, and then send them an actual gift in the mail. Not only is it a way to get backlinks and mentions – it’s also a great way to build contact with the people you should want to know.

The Reverse Engineering Method. There are ways to not only find your competitor’s backlinks, but to also discover if the backlinks are white hat and then reverse engineer the link getting process to make it your own. Yes, it’s a little complicated the first time you do it, but once you get the system down, you can be a link building master. Just follow this tutorial to see how it’s done : Click Here for Tutorial

The Free Service Method. For as long as you’re good at fixing things on a website, or pointing out a way to do something better, or offering a bit of advice that can make a big difference, then by all means go for it. You’ll be building rapport with that website owner and getting great backlinks as well.

The Fiverr Method. Don’t have a service or skill you can offer ??! No problem … Go to Fiverr and hire a cartoonist or caricaturist to draw a picture of the blog owner you are targeting, and then forward it to them with your compliments. Odds are they will post it on their blog with a link and a big thank you back to you.

Or have a silly video done, or any of a thousand other possibilities on Fiverr. Just remember to do this without expectation of getting a backlink. You don’t want to look like you’re trying to buy their link. Capisce ??!

The Interview Method. Do interviews and interview roundups with experts, influencers and authorities. Some of them will link back to you and the interview. Doing interviews can be as simple as sending questions via eMail to your subject once they’ve agreed to the interview.

You can also do group interviews where you send the same question(s) to each subject in order to compare and contrast different opinions. And you can do a group ’round up’, in which each contributor shares their favorite tactic or method to solve a problem.

The key to getting interviews with movers and shakers is to build relationships first. Read their stuff, engage with them on social networks and establish a level of trust before asking for the interview. This takes a little legwork, yet can result in a startling number of high quality backlinks when done well.

And make sure you promote the interview(s) through social media to reach more readers.

Adequate Strategy - Blog For Backlinks

Search engines love blogs, and backlinks posted on authority blog spaces, will give you instant search engine “attention”, with very little work involved.

When it comes to generating backlinks with blogs, you need to …

1) Find blogs that provide a ‘do follow’ – the only kind of blogs where a link back to your site will count as a “vote”.
2) You explore and read the blog and then you make an insightful, useful or relevant comment to the post that is likely to be approved by the blog’s administrator.
3) Include your backlink with relevant anchor text on the blog.
4) Rinse & Repeat

You can include your backlink within the website url attached to your post as well as within your actual comment box, in case permitted. When creating your backlink, make sure that you use anchor text to describe the website where you are directing people to.

To do this, you need to include a bit of HTML code to create your backlink with anchor text, as follows …

<a href=”https://your>Anchor Text</a>

You want to make sure that you include relevant keywords within your actual anchor text so that you can rank for specific keywords.

One thing to keep in mind as well is that you should never use keywords that are already a part of your website title or domain name, instead, focus on including keywords that you wish to rank for yet are not already optimized or included on your own site.

For example : In case I were leaving a comment in order to generate a backlink to the website : the keywords included within my actual backlink would instead contain alternative keywords that are relevant to my target audience, such as “Create Your Web Address”, which would direct people from the blog that I posted on to a specific page on my own website.

When searching for blogs to post your comments on and build your backlink campaign, you should always focus on relevant blogs that carry the same or similar theme as your own website.

Since you will not only generate traffic from the increased exposure within the search engines, you will also attract attention from blog visitors who read your post. You want to make sure that you spend your time wisely posting on blogs that are likely to draw in targeted visitors.

Some quick start tips to create backlinks with blogs

1) Download the free Firefox plugin available from SEO Quake and use it to locate blogs that allow backlinks (dofollow) :
2) Create a keyword swipe file of relevant keywords and phrases relating to your niche market that you can use within your blog comments.
3) Create individual pages on your website that feature high quality content and articles that are likely to attract attention from visitors to the blogs that you post your comments on. In case you take the time to create articles that offer information on specific topics and then post a comment, and leave a link on related blogs, you will be able to begin generating targeted traffic faster and easier than when you post on unrelated blogs OR direct people to a “money” page (salespage).
4) Focus on posting your comments on blogs that contain a higher pagerank than your own site. A blog with a page rank of 3 to5 will offer a higher value backlink than a low, unestablished, blog. You can determine the blog’s pagerank by using the SEO Quake plugin.
5) Use the Backlink Warrior software, for instance, to pinpoint blogs based on keywords and customized search terms to quickly locate relevant blogs in your niche market … all of which offer do follow backlinks.

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